Why did the client install LPR?

A system was required to avoid ticket swapping across a number of inner city sites in Melbourne and Sydney. The sites required a parking management system which would protect against revenue loss and increase service for clients, staff and contractors.

How has LPR helped their business?

The issue was overcome by printing a licence plate number on each ticket. This then meant that vehicles could be matched with ticket numbers and refused exit if a mismatch occurred.

The completed system allows each site to manage the day to day running of their car park far more efficiently whilst stopping revenue loss. In addition to this they now have the ability to allow auto entry/exit for specific vehicles.

The following benefits where gained by each site:

  • Auto open entrance boom gates for VIP customers
  • Raise alerts on listed vehicles of interest
  • Generate specific vehicle reports detailing all sightings with colour and infra-red photographs
  • Provide contractors reduced rate or ticketless access to the car park for specified time periods
  • Allow discounted car park rates for staff or specific customers

Key Features

  • Print licence plate numbers on each ticket
  • Alert on vehicles leaving with a different ticket
  • Allow for auto entry/exit and billing of contractor vehicles
  • Allow auto entry/exit for VIPs and staff
  • Have the ability to search and reconcile lost tickets
  • Cumulatively bill turn around vehicles