Project Description

The Monash University in Clayton has many unsecured entries and exits across a wide-spread campus. There was a requirement to ensure the highest level of security possible without being an imposition on the large scale of Monash’s operation and volumes of traffic. In order to ensure security staff were able to respond in the most effective manner possible, a pro-active system with advanced analytics was required.

Sensor Dynamics provided 18 fixed LPR cameras to monitor the entries and exits across the campus. A complete history of all vehicle movements is stored on the Monash University virtual network.

The LPR system has enabled the Monash University security team to be pro-active in their handling of campus security. Alerts were set up for ‘vehicles of interest’ so that security know as soon as they have entered campus and from what entrance. The system has also allowed the Master Planning Committee to gather campus usage statistics that have been invaluable to future infrastructure planning.

Key Features

  • Log all vehicle movements entering and exiting campus
  • Advanced searching of vehicle movement history
  • Alerts on vehicles of interest
  • Reporting on campus usage such as average dwell time, peak times and most used entrances/exits

Quick Facts

  • 18 High Definition, All-in-One LPR Cameras
  • Over 20,000 captures a day