Curtin University creatively overhauled the way parking was managed on campus. With an aim to free up more parking spaces, Sensor Dynamics, in partnership with CellOPark, delivered an innovative solution combining Pay-By-Phone system with licence plate recognition technology. Students arrive on campus and begin their parking session via a smartphone application. Staff patrol the car park with a vehicle equipped with LPR to detect vehicles that have not paid or whose session has expired.

Key Features

  • Project Length: 4 months
  • Integration into CellOPark’s Pay-By-Phone system
  • 2 x mobile LPR systems with Letterbox mounts
  • Scans and checks the payment status of 2,500 vehicles per day
  • Won the 2014 Innovation Award of Merit from the International Parking Institute

Fast Facts

  • Live sync of payment status
  • Alerts via in-vehicle processor
  • Live Permit validation
  • Consolidating data collection on infringements


“The system has been a great success for Curtin University. The final implementation included direct integration between the two systems to seamlessly obtain the very latest permit information. This enabled the university to achieve our objective to reduce parking congestion. The next step is to use virtual permits in conjunction with the existing systems, at almost no additional cost”

Graham Arndt
Director, Operations and Maintenance