Sensor Dynamics is a solutions provider.

While we sell cameras, poles and bollards, our key offerings are the services in connecting that equipment seamlessly into a solution for you and your organisation. All of our team members are selected on their desire to innovate, strive for quality and ability to problem solve.

The result is a group that can provide complex engineering solutions that are simple to use – from concept to completion.

Specifically we offer the following services:


Does all your consulting cost?

No. As part of the initial sales process, our technical sales consultants are happy to guide you through an initial solution design. Large pieces of work may require a paid design phase to get the best possible solution design.

Do we get to keep the design files you produce?

Yes. For paid design work, all documentation produced is yours to keep.

I am concerned about software quality. Do you outsource your software development?

No. All of our software developers are degree qualified software engineers based in Melbourne.

Can I perform my own testing of the project solution to ensure my stakeholders are happy?

Of course. We would actively encourage you to participate in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) where you perform your own test. All we would ask is that you share your testing questions and expectations with us so we can ensure we meet your expectations.