Sensor Dynamics Provides Evidence In Public Hearings

A Parliamentary Inquiry Into Fuel Drive-Offs.

Sensor Dynamics continues to provide ongoing support to state and federal agencies requiring advice on vehicle identification and system integration challenges.  This week saw Managing Director, Shaun Mitchell provide evidence into the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Fuel Drive-offs.  The government is seeking information from leading agencies and private sector companies into solutions to tackle the challenging issue of drivers leaving petrol stations without paying for fuel.  The evidence on technology solutions that followed Sensor Dynamics’ formal submission included a shared announcement with VicRoads which will see Sensor Dynamics systems such as Vyper Forecourt now include VicRoads information on car make, model, colour, year of manufacture, registration status and if plates are stolen.

To read the submission provided to the committee please click here
To view which organisations were providing evidence, please click here

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