Brisbane International Airport

International Terminal Multi Level Carpark

The construction of the multi level carpark at Brisbane International Airport includes a new state of the art parking system that has a fully integrated ANPR system.

All parking tickets are assigned the vehicles registration details which are used to audit parking transactions and prevent fraudulent activity.  Alerts are automatically generated in the operations room using Vyper Operations Manager, presenting operators with photographs of vehicles at entry, exit and listing any inconsistencies regarding their activities.

Being one of Sensor Dynamics first SkiDATA integration projects the project was a huge success with continual development and focus on the SkiData integration scheduled for the future.

In early 2009, Brisbane Airport opened the new access area for commercial vehicles such as buses, limousines and people carriers extra resources. The entry is configured to automatically allow access to registered users using Sensor Dynamics ANPR and SkiData gate management.

The addition of the GTO area resulted in a complete software upgrade to provide additional capability required specifically for GTO entry management. The system is fully integrated with SkiData and all existing infastructure at Brisbane Airport. Any vehicle found driving toward the GTO entry is analyzed and cross-checked on the Brisbane Airport network. When registered, access is granted almost instantaneously and the boom is opened by SkiData. If a vehicle is found not registered, the control room is triggered with an alert and the vehicle is blocked.

All the data including plates, dates, times and alerts are stored by Vyper Operator software and reports are  generated automatically for relevant parties.

Automated parking taken to a new level with a Sensor Dynamics integrated ANPR system.