Early-Bird Parking at Eureka Tower

Early-Bird Parking

Sensor Dynamics Early-Bird LPR is designed to integrate with almost any parking system worldwide. Currently in operation at Eureka Tower Melbourne Australia, the system is set up to provide custom rate parking depending on where and when you park.

On site, ‘Early bird’ rates are granted based on pre-defined conditions. At Eureka, this means if you park on level 6 before 9am and leave after 5pm, you pay less. There is no longer a need for additional booms, tickets or parking attendants to manually validate every ticket. Sensor Dynamics LPR does it all.

Customisation is everything. Other options include cheaper rates the higher you park or custom rates around different ‘zones’ in a car park impotenciastop.com. Its all up to the operator with Sensor Dynamics LPR ANPR.