Security Exhibition & Conference 2016

Mark the dates 20th to 22nd July 2016 on your calendars!

Sensor Dynamics will be exhibiting at this year’s upcoming Security Exhibition & Conference held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre for three days. We would love to meet with you and hear about any security issues you may be faced with.

Admission is Free.

Don’t miss the opportunity to come and check out our exciting new products and offerings. To learn more about our stand at the convention, please give us a call on (03) 8727 6000.

We will be located at Stand E10 Come on down to drop us a visit.


For more information on the Security Exhibition & Conference visit their website.

Fighting Security Threats with Mega Pixels

The technology that lets you control which vehicles are both coming, going and remaining on site.

We would like to welcome you to join us at the 2015 Security Expo & Conference at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre on the 15-17th of July where we’ll be showcasing the latest in vehicle management solutions for the security industry (entry is free).

Here’s a snapshot of what the systems are designed to do:

  • Prevent theft
  • Track real time vehicle statistics
  • Alert of vehicles of interest
  • Accurately log movements

There will be an extra special presentation on the day as well so make sure to be there.

Meanwhile check out the below video for an easy to follow walk-through of how this technology really works and what it can do for you and your site.

Come visit us at the 2015 Security Conference and Exhibition to view the latest in intelligent vehicle management and security.


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Stopping Tailgaters Just Got Easy

Stop Tailgaters with ANPR

Car parks often suffer from repeat abuse by users buying tickets and tailgating out to avoid payment. As you would image this activity is quite common at airports and city parking complexes indian viagra.

But how do you stop tailgaters?

Here’s a video showing how with the use of ANPR tailgaters can be recorded and refused future entry.

New Victorian Number Plates

In the coming weeks the Victorian Government will release a new series of number plates which bear a numeric, alpha, alpha, numeric, alpha, alpha layout (eg: 1AA 1AA). Sensor Dynamics is constantly testing and evolving its plate reading algorithms across each state and as such is prepared for the advent of these new plates in Victoria köpa clomid.  The time invested in fine tuning each state’s algorithm is ongoing and extensive.

All of our systems under a maintenance contract will have the plate reading algorithm updated as part of the scheduled service. This is part of the standard service we offer as part of maintaining the high accuracy systems we sell.

We suggest that any clients that have systems that are not covered under a support and maintenance agreement to contact Sensor Dynamics on (03) 9870 0585 to arrange for a plate read update.


Help Us Support You

Here at Sensor Dynamics, we understand that once a client has purchased one of our systems, it becomes an essential part of their business model. When taking up a Sensor Dynamics Support and Maintenance plan,  you can rely on high quality support that will maximise productivity and profitability acheter viagra sans ordonnance. We have the experience to maintain large, complex LPR systems in such a way as to minimise downtime and repair costs. With three different levels of support offered, you will be able to get the backing your business needs to thrive.

Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

Businesses are quickly coming to realise that the car park is not just a place for customers to leave their vehicle. It is the place where customers get their first impression of the business. Many car park operators are coming up with creative ways to improve this experience for their customers. Services such as valet parking, lost vehicle locating, fixing flat tyres, charging dead batteries and 24/7on site service are becoming the norm. What are you doing to keep up with this trend acheter cialis generique belgique? Talk to our sales team today to see how we can set your car park apart from the competition. (03) 9870 0585.

Auto Entry & Exit Using Online Reservations

With the idea of online reservations becoming increasingly popular, this idea has been applied to parking using LPR. By logging on and entering one’s details, including number plate details, the parking system can grant entry and exit easily. The addition of online details also gives the system the capability welcome and bid farewell to customers with personalised greetings based on their plate.

Enhance The Convenience Of Your Car Park

Streamline the car park entry and exit process further by introducing auto charging. Known vehicles can be setup with an account which will  be linked with their licence plate. Upon entry and exit, the parking system identifies the number plate and automatically opens the gate The account linked to the licence plate is charged automatically. No fussing around with tickets or exit columns, just enter and exit as you need to.

It’s as easy as… tempLPR™!

What if you could have an LPR system without worrying about installation? tempLPR™ is the new ground-breaking offering from Sensor Dynamics that allows clients to rent an LPR system with virtually no installation requirements! No running cables or long term commitments.

Just call Sensor Dynamics, we’ll come over, bolt it in and away you go. This will allow clients to make well informed decisions about their car park based on solid figures for a fraction of the cost of setting up a full LPR system.

tempLPR™ is perfect for those contemplating LPR or needing LPR for a short term event requiring vehicle access control.

13th Australian Parking Convention

It’s almost upon us: the 13th Australian Parking Convention!

Don’t miss the opportunity to come and check out our two exciting new products. Come and find out about our new offerings and how they can help you with your parking issues. These new advancements will revolutionise the parking industry so don’t miss the chance to get in first and see what all the hype is about!

To learn more about our stand at the convention, please give us a call on (03) 9870 0585